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3 Reasons You Should Consider Black Vinyl Window Frames

If you’ve looked around your neighborhood lately, you’ve probably noticed an increasing number of homes with black vinyl window frames, especially in new construction or home renovations & window replacements. Black vinyl window frames have been on the rise for years, and with them making up about half of all replacement window sales today, it looks like this popular color trend is here to stay. Whether you are building a new construction home or looking at replacement windows, there are many reasons you should consider choosing black vinyl window frames.

Benefits of Black Vinyl Window Frames

  1. Curb Appeal: Black vinyl window frames are an easy way to instantly boost your home’s curb appeal, both on the exterior and inside. Compared to traditional white window frames, black vinyl frames give your windows a modern look while simultaneously adding a vintage flair to your home design style. Black vinyl window frames make a statement and create contrast, especially if you have a light color palette in your home.


  1. Versatility: Regardless of your home’s color scheme and décor style, black vinyl windows frames work well with virtually any design. They are like that little black dress or great pair of shoes that go with everything. If your home has a light color scheme and décor, black vinyl windows frames can provide contrast and make your view pop; while on the contrast, if your home has darker accents and décor, black window frames can serve to tie together your overall home design style. Black vinyl window frames are also versatile in that you can do them on both the exterior and interior of your home, or only one or the other.


  1. Clean Look: Vinyl window frames already offer the advantage of being virtually maintenance-free, unlike wood sashes and frames that split, rot, and require regular painting. Black vinyl window frames offer the added benefit of appearing cleaner than their light colored counterparts. Simply put, black window frames don’t show as much dirt as white frames. Sure, they will show a little dust, but they black vinyl frames rarely look dirty or grimy in the way white window frames can look if they are not cleaned for a while. So, even if you forget to clean them regularly, they will still look great at a distance and up close.

Are you considering black vinyl windows and doors for your new construction home or window replacements? Our professionals at STH Windows & Doors are here to guide you through all the different design options. Contact us today for your complimentary consultation and estimate.


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