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Benefits of Energy Efficient Windows

Upgrading your view with energy-efficient windows and doors from STH Windows & Doors in Tampa, is a great way to lower your energy bills and maximize the value of your home.

Vinyl windows and doors also provide outstanding energy efficiency that shrinks heating and cooling bills. Some of the key features of energy-efficient windows include:

  1. Low-e Glass: A special type of window glass engineered to minimize the amount of UV rays and unwanted temperatures into your home
  2. Warm-edge Spacer: This insulates the exterior edges of a sealed window unit and can result in an extra 5% savings on monthly energy costs
  3. Vinyl Framing: Vinyl window frames are multi-chambered with a complex array of compartments to help trap and repel unwanted temperatures and weather


In addition to the standard energy-efficient window features above, we also offer additional options to boost your energy savings even further:

  • High-performance EnergyShield Max Low-E to deflect solar heat gain and keep unwanted heat outside your home.
  • Glass tints that are effective at reducing heat transmitted through windows.
  • Argon gas which helps reflect outside heat to regulate the temperatures inside your home.

Energy-Efficient Windows FAQ

Low-E glass filters long-wave radiation from the sun to reduce solar heat gain during the summer for a cooler home. It also allows warm solar rays into your home and trapping the heat inside to prevent it from escaping outside during the winter months for cozier temperatures.

  • Reduces conducted heat loss through its one-piece metal alloy, U-channel design which creates an effective thermal barrier
  • Retains insulating gas better than most standard designs with its sealed one-piece design
  • Allows LG units to expand and contract as the temperature changes to prevent seal failure and insulating gas loss

ENERGY STAR is a government-sanctioned symbol for energy efficiency, credibility, sustainability and cost-savings for the consumer. 


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