PGT Windows

Why Choose PGT?

As the premier provider of PGT windows and doors in the Tampa Bay area, the experts at STH Windows & Doors will guide you through your options to find precisely the right product, both functionally and aesthetically.

Since being founded in 1980, PGT Windows and Doors has become known as the premier brand for Floridians. Manufactured in Fort Myers and North Venice, FL, the company has firsthand knowledge of how impact windows and doors perform through challenging and damaging tropical storms and hurricanes.

Through PGT’s aggressive and dedicated research and development, they’ve created some of the very best windows manufacturing solutions to keep people and buildings safe from storms. As a forward-thinking innovator, they’ve created lines of windows and doors that are smarter, stronger, and safer for both businesses and families.

PGT Windows Collections

PGT WinGuard® Windows & Doors

As the best-selling brand of impact-resistant windows and doors in America, PGT’s WinGuard® products and line exemplify a very clear purpose of security, splendor, and strength.

PGT’s entire reputation was built on keeping families safe through the toughest conditions on earth: High Winds. Hurricanes. Tropical storms. Both PGT’s WinGuard® Aluminum and WinGuard® Vinyl lines offer superior protection for homes and have impact-resistant strength that stands the test of life.

Aluminum Windows

WinGuard® Aluminum is exceptionally durable to provide sleekness, strength, and style.

PGT engineers their WinGuard® Aluminum windows to provide benefits that enhance not only homes, lifestyles. They are lightweight, resistant to corrosion, and incredibly strong. Aluminum is the prized material in many industries for its exceptional durability and design flexibility.

It’s because of these properties that PGT is able to manufacture stylish WinGuard® Aluminum frames that take a home’s aesthetic to a new level while providing superior impact resistance that generates true peace of mind. Highly recyclable, aluminum can also increase the sustainability of your home as it readily safeguards against severe weather, would-be trespassers, outdoor noises, and other unwanted elements.

Vinyl Windows

WinGuard® Vinyl is engineered for instant splendor, energy efficiency, and durability.

Designed to be even stronger and even more beautiful. Our new PGT® WinGuard® Vinyl products feature their most-attractive profile ever, with larger sizes capable of handling the highest design pressures. The new and improved WinGuard Vinyl still meets the toughest hurricane codes in the country. It still protects against flying debris, intruders, outside noise and UV rays. It’s still everything you love about the nation’s #1 brand of impact-resistant windows and doors—plus a whole lot more.

Features & Benefits


WinGuard® Vinyl’s multi-chambered frames help preserve comfortable temperatures in any home. Combine this standard feature with custom Low-E selections, and you can also reach ENERGY STAR® ratings that will significantly reduce energy bills.


WinGuard® Vinyl windows are simple to clean and maintain. To clean vinyl windows frames all you need is mild detergent and water. The color will not scratch, chip, or fade over time. You will never have to worry about sanding and repaint the finish on vinyl windows.  


WinGuard® Vinyl is offered in a wide range of frame colors, glass tints, sizes, and more to create the ideal fit for any home.

PGT EnergyVue

PGT created EnergyVue® Vinyl to perform brilliantly every day. Extraordinarily strong and capable of handling high-design pressures, these energy-efficient windows and doors offer superior insulation that keeps indoor climates extra comfortable and energy bills low. PGT’s entire EnergyVue® Vinyl custom collection utilizes the technology of our WinGuard® Vinyl line for exceptional non-impact, energy-saving windows and doors.

Features & Benefits


Stop letting money escape out the window. EnergyVue® windows and doors provide outstanding energy efficiency with options to achieve ENERGY STAR® ratings.


PGT offers customizable solutions on every product that will not only enhance the look of every home, but meet the requirements of every home, with a variety of custom choices of frame colors to glass tints and more.


Rest assured, EnergyVue® windows and doors are tested to meet or exceed the International Building Code for air infiltration, water resistance, deglazing, forced-entry resistance, and structural integrity.

PGT ClassicVue Max™

ClassicVue Max™ offers exceptional non-impact products to complete any home. These quality, heavy-duty aluminum windows and doors are engineered with mechanically fastened corners and durable hardware to provide beauty and simple maintenance for years to come. PGT’s entire ClassicVue Max™ line leverages the technology of our WinGuard® Aluminum collection.

ClassicVue Max™ Windows & Doors Features


ClassicVue Max™ non-impact windows and doors are engineered to withstand corrosion from salt water, heat, light, and moisture exposure.


PGT manufacturers this line to any specifications. They greatly enrich the aesthetics of every home and ClassicVue Max™ windows and doors come in a variety of custom choices, including frame colors, hardware finishes, and more.


ClassicVue Max™ heavy-duty aluminum windows and doors are backed by the industry’s most respected organizations like Florida Product Approval, International Building Code, Miami-Dade Notice of Acceptance, National Fenestration Rating Council, and Sound Transmission Class.

Client Testimonials

In search of my dream black windows for my new construction home I thankfully found STH Windows and Doors. I had a tight budget but I wanted luxury windows and STH made that happen. Rocky was extremely helpful and always available even when the job became more complicated than expected. He was able to get what I wanted within my price range and recommend an installer who did a great job! This is a great company to work with and I highly recommend them!!!

thumb Kellie Llona
September 18, 2021

From start to finish, Rocky really took care of every detail! Our project hit a couple bumps in the road due to the pandemic, but Rocky kept us informed of what was going on and the next steps. He was communicative about price, timeline, and product. If I had questions, he was ready to answer them.

thumb Kristen Brady
June 18, 2021

Cant say enough positive things about my experience!

It was a pleasure working with Rocky and his crew.
They were all very professional and delightful to work with. I will be choosing them for all my future upgrade projects for my home and so should you.

From one happy customer to another!
You won’t regret choosing them.

Yuri R.

thumb Yurina Rojas
June 4, 2022